Port of the Future

Shipping is one of our oldest industries and still plays an important role in our modern society. Ships carry more than 90% of the world's trade, transporting goods for consumers, food, fuel and raw materials between countries.

As an island nation, Ireland is dependent on ports and shipping services to transport goods and 90% of our trade is moved though Irish ports. Shipping and maritime transport services make a significant contribution to Ireland's ocean economy, with the sector generating €2.3 billion in turnover and employing over 5,000 people in 2018.

Cargo ships, cruise ships and ferries use ports to load and unload passengers and cargo between countries. Dublin Port is Ireland's largest port and handles almost 50% of our trade and over 1.76 million tourists call to Dublin Port on ferries and cruise vessels. Shipping operations also occur through the ports of Cork, Shannon Foynes, Waterford, Rosslare and other regional ports around the country.

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