Access Data

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Access Data Overview

Search for, discover, view and download data through the online data discovery services below.

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Search Data Catalogue
The Irish Spatial Data Exchange is an online data discovery service hosted by the Marine Institute cataloguing data across a number of public organisations involved in marine data management and dissemination. This exchange acts as a one-stop-shop for access to and information on spatial data resources on Ireland.
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Download Data
Marine Data Online is a data download portal hosted to provide simple and open access to a range of data resources such as oceanography, fisheries, ocean energy, marine environment and food safety results. In other words, the data portal aims to provide simple, self-service access to data available from various MI data holdings.
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Request Data
The Marine Institute Data Request Service is an online request form for users whom cannot find data of interest via the search and download services. To request marine data held by the MI simply fill in the details on the form and the MI will administer the data request accordingly.
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Data Policy
The MI Data Policy seeks to promote access to its data archives, subject to conditions under which data has been collected. In this context, we are working to make as much data available online as possible.