Ireland's Marine Resource

Ireland's Marine Resource Main Image. Photographer Cushla Droomgool Regan

Ireland has a vast and diverse marine resource – our seabed territory covers about 880,000km2, more than ten times our landmass. Our coastline of 7500km is longer than that of many European countries.

The importance of the Marine Sector. Photographer Thomas Szumski
The Importance of Ireland's Marine Resource
Our ocean is a national asset – supporting a diverse marine economy with vast potential to tap into a global marine market for seafood, tourism, oil and gas, renewable ocean energy and new applications for health, medicine and technology. Our marine resources also give us many non-commercial benefits...


The Real Map of Ireland. Copyright Marine Institute, GSI, Dept. CENR
The Real Map of Ireland
The ‘Real Map’, as we call it, shows the current designated Irish Continental Shelf. Ireland’s seabed territory is one of the largest in Europe, and more than 10 times Ireland’s land mass.


Integrated Marine Plan of Ireland. Photographer Thomas Szumski
Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth – An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland is the first whole of Government approach to managing Ireland’s vast and diverse marine resources.


Atlantic Strategy. Photographer Andrew Downes
Atlantic Strategy
The European Commission’s Atlantic Strategy prioritises research and investment to drive the ‘blue economy’ in the Atlantic area. The Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation is an agreement between the EU, USA and Canada to join forces on Atlantic Ocean Research.