Explorers Fact vs. Fiction Student Webinar: Exploring how Marine Life, Design and Shape the World around Us

Explorers Fact vs. Fiction Student Webinar

9th March 2022, 10am.

Join the Explorers Education Programme Team for this special Engineers Week School Workshop, which will explore how marine life design and shape the world around them. Join our ‘Fact or Friction’ Challenge with your class to decide which marine engineers are truly inspiring, and which are beyond belief!

 This webinar will take approx. 50 mins and is suitable for classes ranging from 3rd- 6th. Hosted by Galway Education Centre, the webinar will take place on Wednesday the 9th of March at 10am.

 Register online at https://galwayec.ie/cpd-courses/primary-courses/1367-celebrate-engineers-week-exploring-how-marine-life-design-and-shape-the-world-around-us.html.