Marine Institute summer bursar programme is back!

Bursar Induction Day 2016, MI Rinville

The annual Marine Institute bursar programme begins this month (June 2016) with 28 students from various third-level institutions starting summer work placements.

Over eight weeks the students will work in a variety of areas including salmon assessments, fish sampling at the ports, shellfish assessment, maritime economics, education, application development and oceanographic sciences.

"The work experience programme gives  students from a wide variety of disciplines a chance to further their knowledge and research in their particular area of interest and  to expand their professional networks within Ireland and internationally," explained Ms. Helen McCormick, Senior Laboratory Analyst at the Marine Institute and coordinator of the bursar programme.

The placements will give students practical and hands-on experience at different locations around Ireland, including the offices and laboratories at the Marine Institute, Galway, Wilton Place, Dublin and Burrishoole Catchment, Newport, County Mayo. Some students will also be located at other locations around the country in counties Cork, Limerick, Derry and Waterford.

The summer bursar programme has been ongoing since the 1960s and is a highly sought after work experience programme in the marine science sector and continues to offer a promising gateway into the expanding areas of marine science and research in Ireland.

Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO of the Marine Institute congratulated all successful bursars on this year's programme saying, "The Institute is delighted to support this excellent learning opportunity for Irish students as well as highlight the future employment opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates within the marine sector”.