Radical Reform for Irish Shipping Registry

The Irish Maritime Development Office will overhaul existing Irish ship registration procedures as part of a significant plan to re-energise the shipping sector. It will take over and improve register management, providing an efficient "one stop shop" for information and administration. This will be supported by a dedicated website which will provide 24hr access for international owners and operators.

"To compete internationally it is vital that we raise Irish Shipping industry standards," said Glenn Murphy, Director of the Irish Maritime Development Office - Marine Institute. "It is essential that international owners and operators can access useful information around the clock. The IMDO will ensure that the Irish register comes up to speed with best practice and international models next year," he concluded.

Mercantile marine laws, which are also outdated, will also be addressed as part of the plan. The Irish Maritime Development Office is Ireland's first dedicated development, promotional and marketing agency, for all Irish Shipping, shipping services and seafarer training. It will take a pro-active stance and tackle the challenges currently facing the Irish Shipping Industry.

The IMDO was given legislative mandate in late 1999. Since then, an expert Advisory Group, chaired by Padraic White, and drawn from key sectors of the industry, was appointed to assist in promoting Ireland as an International Shipping Services Centre. Mr. Murphy, who was appointed Director in July 2000, has been working closely with the advisory group putting together an action plan, which will provide incentives and create a framework that will turn the tide on the Irish Shipping sector.