Marine Biotechnology

Main Image Marine Biotechnology. Photographer Andrew Downes. 

Marine Biotechnology Overview

Ireland has an established a marine biotechnology research community that is supported by national and international funds. Active university, research institute and institute of technology based projects exist in areas related to biomaterials, bioprocessing, food ingredients including functional foods, drugs and other therapeutic products, animal health and agriculture, aquaculture, medical devices, cosmetics and environmental remediation. We the Marine Institute have a key role in enabling marine biotechnology research and innovation through strategic funding programmes. Our strategic funding programmes contribute to the development of national strategic research and innovation which support the goals of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth.

What is Marine Biotechnology.Copyright Jonathan White
What is Marine Biotechnology?
Marine biotechnology, sometimes referred to as “blue biotechnology”, exploits the diversity found in marine environments in terms of the form, structure, physiology and chemistry of marine organisms, many of which have no equivalent on land, in ways which enable new materials to be realised.
MI Funded Marine Biotechnology Projects. Photographer David Branigan Ocean Sport.
MI Funded Marine Biotechnology Projects
We support the development of new research capacity and encourage scientists from the life sciences, marine biological sciences and the food/nutritional sciences to collaborate on marine biotechnology based research through the grants to establish a national programme in Marine Functional Foods and a Biodiscovery project.
Marine Biodiscovery Research. Copyright Marine Institute.
Marine Biodiscovery Research
The Marine Institute funded the National Marine Biodiscovery Laboratory in Ireland (NMBLI) to develop Irish capacities in the field and become a leading international research centre.
Marine Functional Foods Research. Photographer Dr Dagmar Stengel.
Marine Functional Foods Research
The Marine Institute co-funds Nutra Mara along with DAMF (€5.2m). NutraMara is defining novel food ingredients and developing value-added functional food products from marine sources.
MI Involvement in the Marine Biotechnology ERANET. Photographer Andrew Downes.
MI Involvement in the Marine Biotechnology ERANET
The Marine Institute represents Ireland in the Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET (ERA-MBT) consortium of national funding bodies. It is led by the Research Council of Norway.
Marine Biotechnology Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth. Copyright Marine Institute.
Marine Biotechnology Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth recognises that Emerging sectors such as marine biotechnology offer significant potential for sustainable economic growth. This enables more traditional sectors such as the seafood and seaweeds sector to enhance their performance.