Marine Research Funders’ Forum

The Marine Research Funders’ Forum (MRFF) was established in 2018 as a strategy implementation mechanism under the implementing actions of the National Marine Research & Innovation Strategy 2017-2021 (MRIS). The Forum brings together state funding organisations with the aim of enhancing coordination in marine related research funding, whilst also addressing a number of the implementing actions set out in the Strategy. 

The overall objective and terms of reference of the MRFF is to facilitate cooperation and enhanced coordination between the national and regional research funding agencies and key stakeholders to ensure a coherent national approach to marine research. As set out in the MRIS, this includes: 

  1. Exchanging information on research funding calls, opportunities and programmes at national and international level of relevance to the strategic goals of the National Marine Research & Innovation Strategy. 
  1. Quantifying funding and research spending across the 15 Research Themes outlined in the Strategy and identifying appropriate funding instruments and opportunities for joint calls across the Themes. 
  1. Examining requirements for capacity building (e.g. early stage researchers and PhD students) and providing information on relevant policy developments that inform research prioritisation. 
  1. Involvement in other key implementing actions of the Strategy as necessary. 

The Forum will operate over the lifetime of the Strategy and meets biannually. 

MRFF Participants 

In collaboration with the members of the MRFF, another implementing action identified in the MRIS commenced – the collection and analysis of national marine research investment data. This is an ongoing process. The National Marine Research Database is an output of this collaborative process.