EPA Research Call 2022

The EPA is seeking innovative research proposals in response to 48 research topics under 8 overarching themes. With up to €11.7 million available for new research projects, the funding will be provided under the four EPA Research 2030 interconnected research hubs under 8 overarching themes:

•    Climate science, adaptation, scenarios, resilience and policy response
•    Improving knowledge on greenhouse gas and air emission inventories
•    Health in industrial regulation and in assessment
•    Chemicals, hazardous substances and radiation in our environment
•    Innovative approaches to environmental monitoring
•    Land use knowledge, assessment and environmental risk
•    Opportunities and barriers in climate action and in circular economy
•    Raw materials and resources substitution and efficiency

The indicative timeframe is as follows:

Call opening: Thursday 14th April 2022 (11:00 GMT)
Technical queries deadline: Wednesday 25th May 2022 (17:00 GMT)
Submission deadline: Wednesday 1st June (17:00 GMT)
Approval deadline: Wednesday 8th June 2022 (17:00 GMT)

Full details of the call including details of a webinar for applicants are available on the EPA website.


Expiration Date