Marine Institute call on Ocean Acidification and Biogeochemistry


The Marine Institute ran a call for proposals under the topic of Ocean Acidification and Biogeochemistry.  Sustainable exploitation of Ireland’s extensive marine resource as envisaged in Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth is predicated on conserving a healthy and productive marine environment. The combined stresses of warming and Ocean Acidification on marine ecosystems represent a threat to marine ecosystem services provided such as aquaculture and fisheries.  This project aims to build national capacity in Ireland for ocean acidification/biogeochemical research and observation and to study trends and variability in biogeochemical parameters to which potentially sensitives ecosystems are exposed. This is with a view to improving our understanding of ecosystem vulnerability to a changing environment.

Building on work carried out under previously funded projects, the Marine Institute invited research proposals from organisations within the island of Ireland to further develop the national capacity for carrying out high quality measurements of the marine carbonate system and related parameters and play a lead role in enhancing a national observational capacity. The objectives were identified in the Terms of Reference.

Funding up to a maximum of €650,000 was available for a four-year project. It is anticipated that the funding would cover two full-time posts.  Additional details on the application process are available in the Guidelines for Applicants.  

Closing Date: 16:00 (local time) Thursday 15th September 2016






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