Networking & Marine Research Communication Awards

August 2021 Update

Applicants may apply for overseas travel from September 1st 2021. Applicants applying for overseas travel must confirm that travel undertaken complies with current public health requirements and any policy of their employer/host institution. An email from an applicant's supervisor with the same confirmation must be included as part of the application form. 

The Marine Institute Networking & Marine Research Communication Awards are currently open for 2021 submissions. Due to Covid19 travel restrictions the Marine Institute are providing funding to host virtual events only, therefore eligible costs relating to the organisation of virtual events can now be included in the application budget. Applicants may apply for overseas travel from September 1st 2021. Costs related to Open Access Publications and Media Productions are now eligible under the Networking & Marine Research Communications Awards. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Applicant Guidelines and FAQs Document prior to application.

Award Categories:

Grant support is provided in the following categories:

  • A. Hosting Virtual Workshops & Conferences: Maximum grant-aid available €2000.
  • B. Research Awards - Virtual Event and Training Opportunities: Minimum grant-aid €200 and maximum grant-aid €750.
  • C. Marine Research Communication: Maximum grant-aid €2,000 for an Open Access Publication and €2,000 for a Media Production.
Submission Deadlines:
  • Thursday 25th February 2021
  • Thursday 29th April 2021
  • Thursday 24th June 2021
  • Thursday 26th August 2021
  • jThursday 28th October 2021
Application Process:

Applications must be submitted via the Marine Institute's online Application System Research Information Management System (RIMS). Application Forms are available to download from RIMS. Please note there are a number of changes to the 2021 Awards. Please refer to the Applicant Guidelines for information on the types of initiatives supported, how to register for RIMS, and the application procedure. Please see the FAQ document for general questions and queries in relation to the payment process. Applications submitted on the incorrect form or incomplete applications will be ineligible and will not go forward to the evaluation process.

This initiative is funded by the Marine Institute under the Marine Research Programme with the support of the Irish Government.


  • Applicants cannot receive more than 2 awards in any calendar year.
  • Networking Awards are payable to organisations only.
  • Applications are capped at max three applications per Research Group/Department per event.
  • Applications must be submitted one month in advance of the event.
  • Applications may be submitted for events taking place up to February 28th 2022


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