Networking & Travel Awards 2018

Grant support is provided in the following three categories:

  • A. Hosting Workshops and Conferences: Maximum Grant-Aid available €2,000 for Conferences/Workshops.
  • B. Researcher Travel Awards: Maximum Grant-Aid available €1,200 for travel outside of Europe, €750 for travel within Europe and €500 for travel to Conferences/Workshops for Intern staff.
  • C. Other Marine Networking Initiatives: Maximum Grant-Aid available €1,200 for travel outside of Europe and €750 for travel within Europe.

Applications must be submitted via the Marine Institute's online Application System - Research and Information Management System (RIMS). Application forms were available to download from RIMS. Please refer to the Guidelines for Applicants for full information on the types of initiatives supported, the application procedure and links to RIMS and the FAQ document for a list of general questions and queries. Applications submitted on the incorrect form or incomplete applications will not pass the eligibility check and will not go forward to the evaluation process. Applications must be submitted 1 month in advance of the event.

This scheme is funded by the Marine Institute under the Marine Research Programme with the support of the Irish Government.


  • Applicants cannot receive more than two awards in any calendar year.


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