Ocean Law and Governance 2023

The Marine Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Ocean Law and Governance call under the Marine Research Programme. The Marine Institute is seeking applications for a multi-disciplinary, multi-institute programme of research to assist with the progress needed towards a more integrated maritime governance in Ireland in compliance with national, EU and international commitments and policy goals. This involves considering how Irish marine policies and sectoral actors are prepared for challenges deriving from, for example, climate change, biodiversity loss, Brexit, new or impending EU legislation, and other potential developments and uncertainties. The award(s) made under this call should also ensure the continued development and retention of a national pool of expertise able to provide new knowledge, evidence and advice for policymakers to inform and support the long-term governance of Ireland’s maritime area and compliance with EU and international legal and policy commitments (EU, OSPAR, UN, etc.). It is envisaged that this award will build on current and previous work, and take into account both synergies and conflicts that exist in relation to the governance frameworks linked to fisheries and aquaculture production, marine spatial planning, designation and management of new MPAs, and the expansion of the offshore renewable energy capacity.

Research funded under this call should address the following research objectives as outlined in the Guidelines for Applicants and Terms of Reference including:

  • Fisheries Management in a Post-Brexit World.
  • Cross-Compliance of Policies and Governance for Multiple Sectoral Activities: Renewable Energy, Sea Fisheries & Sectors Governed under Marine Spatial Planning.
  • Addressing Legal and Governance Issues in Expanding Ireland’s MPA Network to 30% of our Maritime Area
  • Implementing the EU Nature Restoration Law – Building Knowledge and Capacity.

The duration of the successful award(s) under this call is expected to be 60 months. The amount of funding available will be a maximum award amount of 1,500,000 Euro. Funding is expected to support a team of up to five researchers (post-doctoral researcher, research assistant, MSc/PhD students, or equivalents) in a consortium of two or three partner organisations. The lead institution must be a Higher Education Institute based in the Republic of Ireland. Partnerships are permissible, with eligible partners being Higher Education Institutes, Research Institutes or Other Public Bodies from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or elsewhere.

All applications must be submitted through the Marine Institute's online grant management system (RIMS). Details on registration are available in the Guidelines for Applicants. Call close date 16:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023.

Full details, including details on submitting your application through RIMS are provided in the Terms of Reference and Guidelines for Applicants


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