SFI Research Centres Programme 2016

SFI Research Centres Programme 2016

SFI’s Agenda 2020 strategy aims to position Ireland as a global knowledge leader. A key objective of this strategy is to develop a set of world-leading, large-scale Research Centres that will provide major economic impact for Ireland. The SFI Research Centres Programme was launched in 2012 to achieve this objective by creating new Research Centres and building on previously-made significant large scale investments (e.g. CSETs, SRCs). Seven Research Centres were funded as a result of the first Research Centres Call in 2012, and five were funded as a result of the second Call in 2013.

A key feature of SFI Research Centres is the consolidation of research activities across higher education institutes to create a critical mass of internationally leading researchers in strategic areas which become a key attractant to industry and lay the foundation for effective and productive academic and industrial partnerships. Additionally, these centres will be excellent, relevant, sustainable, and will serve as international beacons for attracting talent and leveraging non-Exchequer funding with particular emphasis on industry and Horizon 2020. The goal of SFI, in partnership with its sister agencies and departments, is to develop a dynamic Research Centre ecosystem that can evolve to meet the changing needs of industry and society. SFI Research Centres funded under the forthcoming call will contribute significantly to achieving this and as such, are expected to integrate with other SFI- and non-SFI-funded Centres, where appropriate, to maximise capabilities, outputs and industry offerings. The 2016 SFI Research Centres Call will operate on a non-thematic basis, and will accept applications aligned with all areas of SFI’s legal remit.

Proposals will be accepted in areas which are sufficiently distinct from existing SFI-funded Research Centres. Applicants are encouraged to consider submitting such proposals, in collaboration with existing Research Centres, to the SFI Spokes Programme.

Key Dates:

Deadline for submission of abstract*:  4th March 2016, 13:00
Deadline for submission of pre-proposals: 28th April 2016, 13:00
Deadline for submission of full proposals: 2nd November 2016, 13:00

Full details are available on the SFI website.


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