SFI/EI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) Programme 2017

The TIDA is an SFI programme designed to enable researchers to focus on the initial stages of an applied research project which may have a commercial benefit if further developed. The TIDA programme enables researchers to demonstrate the technical feasibility of an applied research project directed toward the development of a new or innovative technology, product, process or service that has potential for further commercial development. In the context of supporting researchers who wish to pursue the commercialisation of a technology, TIDA offers a number of important features:

  • Validation by independent international peer review process
  • €100k in project funding for technology development
  • Entrepreneurship and commercialisation training

Additional Details

Duration: 12 months
Award Size: €100,000 direct costs

A webinar will be held on 25th April 2017. Abstract deadline is 19th May 2017 with full submission on 2nd June 2017.  See SFI website for full call details.


Expiration Date