Irish Shipping volumes up 2% during Q2 2014

Irish Shipping volumes up 2% during Q2 2014

Irish shipping and port activity rose by 2% in the second quarter of 2014 when compared to the corresponding period of 2013.

Marine Institute auditorium

SMARTSkills 2014 workshop

SMARTSkills 2014 workshop on 'Developing Successful Shiptime Proposals and Survey Plans' on Wednesday 27th August, Marine Institute, Oranmore.

2014 bursary winners

Marine Institute bursary students showcase their enthusiasm for the marine sector

Marine Institute bursary students inspire bright future for marine sector

Sample from the deep  coral on rock,  retrieved by the ROV Holland during the expedition of the Rockall Bank. Photo credit Dimitra Salmanidou

New discoveries made by scientists during expedition of Rockall Bank

Innovative methods and technology used by marine scientists provide a new way of looking at submarine landslide scarps on Rockall Bank.

Kostas Nittis

In memoriam of Kostas Nittis, HMRC, Athens

In memoriam of Kostas Nittis