Marine Institute

National Marine Research & Innovation Major Themes

Bioresources – Aquaculture & Biomass Production
Bioresources – Wild Resources
Bioresources – Processing for Food and  Other Use
Bioresources – High Value Products
Advanced Technologies
Subsea Resources
Renewable Energy
Tourism & Leisure
Transport & Logistics
Security & Surveillance
Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Food-webs
Pollution and Litter
Climate Change
Ocean Observation and Seabed Mapping
Ocean Literacy & Education
Integrated Policy and Governance
Information & Spatial Technologies,  Analytics and Modelling
EU Integrated Maritime Policy
EU CFP – EMFF OP 2014-2020
JPI Oceans R&I Agenda
EU Strategy for the Atlantic & Action Plan
Our Ocean Wealth
 Our Ocean Wealth Wealth Development Task Force
 Innovation 2020
National Research Prioritisation
Enterprise 2025