Deepwater ROV

ROV Holland Launching from Celtic Explorer.

The ROV Holland I was purchased in 2008 with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  It was supplied by Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) of Newcastle, UK. The ROV is designed for deployment from the Marine Institute vessel RV Celtic Explorer primarily but can also be deployed from other vessels which fulfil certain requirements such as dynamic positioning, USBL system, deck capacity for 2 x 20' containers and 9m x 4.5m A-frame and winch.  Download Celtic Explorer/ROV deck layout diagram (PDF, 220KB).

The Holland I has a depth rating of 3000m and the entire system consists of an SMD Quasar work class Hydraulic ROV, Tether Management System (optional), A-Frame launch and recovery system and a deep-water winch.  The ROV system is controlled from a 20' control room and comes with a fully equipped 20' workshop container. 


The system has been equipped with a survey skid to accommodate a wide range of scientific equipment including various biological and sediment sampling systems.  It has seven and five function manipulators and a high definition camera system (video and stills) as well as powerful lighting to ensure high quality observation and documentation of sea floor images.  The ROV is designed to be used in Tether Management System or live boating mode.

The ROV is also equipped with a high level of auto control features including auto hold which is invaluable in the completion of delicate scientific tasks.

ROV images of deep sea marine worm and sea snail.

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