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We produce a wide range of publications including corporate reports, scientific and technical reports, peer reviewed articles and conference papers.  

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The Stock Book 2021: Annual Review of Fish Stocks in 2021 with Management Advice for 2022

The Stock Book is the principal annual publication of the Marine Institute's Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services (FEAS). Its purpose is to provide the latest impartial scientific advice on the commercially exploited fish stocks of interest to Ireland. The Stock Book is used by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine - (DAFM) at the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) negotiations with the EU in December and throughout the year at fisheries management meetings.

Newport Research Facility, Annual Report, No. 65, 2020

This report represents a continuation of the scientific aspects of the Annual Reports published by the Salmon Research Agency of Ireland, now integrated into the Fisheries Ecosystem Advisory Services Group (FEAS) of the Marine Institute. The data presented creates a unique record of fish rearing and wild fish census data for the past 49 years. This data is an essential component in the local, regional and national management of salmon, sea trout and eel and is becoming ever more valuable in the light of increasing pressures on natural stocks, such as exploitation, habitat degradation and global climate change scenarios. The fish monitoring facilities in Newport, along with the reared and ranched salmon stocks held in Burrishoole, are also essential for supporting projects such as development of novel enhancement techniques, alternative stocks and ranching and evaluation of interactions between farmed, ranched and wild strains. An expanding programme in the Burrishoole system is including ecological and genetics research into eel, sticklebacks and stock dynamics of juvenile salmonids and eels.

Marine Institute Annual Report 2020

Marine Institute (2021). Annual Report 2020.

Year in Review 2020

A Year in Review 2020, a snapshot of some of the Marine Institute’s many highlights and achievements during an eventful year

The Marine Institute's Strategic Plan 2018-2022, Building Ocean Knowledge - Delivering Ocean Services

The Marine Institute's Strategic Plan 2018-2022, Building Ocean Knowledge - Delivering Ocean Services, ensures the provision of fit-for purpose research, advice and services for the department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, other government departments and agencies; as well as a broad range of national and international stakeholders. It provides an outline of the Marine Institute's collective effort to deliver on the ambitious targets of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, Ireland's Integrated Marine Plan. (Available in English, Irish and Bilingual)