Organisational Structure

The Marine Institute is made up of six service areas.

Our service areas are described briefly below:

Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services

Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services research, assess and advise on the sustainable exploitation of the marine fisheries resources in the waters around Ireland.

Marine Environment and Food Safety Services

Marine Environment & Food Safety Services provides essential scientific advice and a range of marine environmental monitoring services.

Oceans, Climate and Information Services

Oceans, Climate and Information Services provide support for national and international marine monitoring and research and development as well as Information Technology infrastructure and information management.

Irish Maritime Development Office

The Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) located in Dublin is Ireland’s dedicated development, promotional and marketing office for the shipping services sector. Its statutory mandate is to promote and develop growth in the Irish shipping industry, and to attract to Ireland additional marine related service sector operations along with key players in International Shipping and ancillary services.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services supports each of the Marine Institute service areas to deliver a consistent and high quality service in line with the objectives and priorities of the Institute.

Policy, Innovation and Research Support

Policy, Innovation and Research Support Services work to stimulate Irish marine research and to promote national and international collaboration. It also carries out policy and industry foresight that informs policy development and supports sustainable development.