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The Marine Institute was set up under the Marine Institute Act 1991: “to undertake, to coordinate, to promote and to assist in marine research and development and to provide such services related to research and development, that in the opinion of the Institute, will promote economic development and create employment and protect the marine environment.”

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About Us
We are the State agency responsible for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland. We provide scientific and technical advice to Government to help inform policy and to support the sustainable development of Ireland’s marine resource.


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Organisational Structure
In order to achieve our vision we have six service areas including Ocean Science and Information Services, Marine Environment & Food Safety Services, Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services, Irish Maritime Development Office, Corporate Services and Policy, Innovation and Research Support Services.


Senior Leadership Team
Senior Leadership Team
The Marine Institute has six Senior Leaders who report to the Chief Executive Officer.


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Board Members
The Marine Institute is governed by a non-executive board, chaired by Dr John Killeen.


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Corporate Strategy
Our 2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan Building Ocean Knowledge, Delivering Ocean Services. To ensure that the Institute continues to meet national needs and international challenges, opportunities and commitments requires a strong strategic vision and a clear plan for the road ahead.


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Organisation Policies
The Marine Institute is fully committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and treatment of its entire staff through its employment practices.


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Accreditation and Awards
Read about our accreditations and awards about our accreditations and awards about our accreditations and awards.


Corporate Social Responsiblity. Photographer Cushal Droomgool Regan
Corporate Social Responsibility
Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected in the policies and procedures in place throughout the organisation.


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Procurement by the Marine Institute is compliant with both the EU Directive 24 of 2014 (and any amending regulations) and the Procurement Guidelines published by the Office of Government Procurement. It is underpinned by a number of core principles, in particular the need to maximise competition in the market for the goods and services purchased by the State. We publish all our tenders on www.etenders.gov.ie.