Explorers Education Programme

The Marine Institute’s Explorers Education Programme engages with primary schools, teachers, children and the education network, creating marine leaders and ocean champions in Ireland.

Explorers About Us & Contacts
Explorers About Us & Contacts
The Explorers Education Programme promotes ocean awareness, knowledge and engagement, as well as supports ocean literacy and marine education in primary schools. Browse through our mission and goals and if you have enquiries relating to the Explorers Education Programme, see our contact details for more information.
Explorers Outreach in Schools & Classes
Explorers Outreach in Schools
The Explorers Education Programme offers a range of marine themed modules for classes including marine projects, seashores safaris, aquariums in the class, as well as exciting STEM marine workshops. We also offer an ‘all school’ Explorers Ocean Champion project too.
Explorers Marine Project Resources
The Explorers Marine Project Resources provide great teaching materials to help develop ocean literacy in the classroom. The cross curricular resources have also been developed to support STEM & STEAM topics, as well as themes covered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Explorers Seashore Resources
Explorers Seashore Resources
The Explorers Education Programme provides a Seashore Resources tool kit that teachers can use to introduce children to the seashore. The resources include short films, species information sheets, presentations, activity and worksheets for children, seashore safari guides and conservation codes, workbooks, fun facts and lots more.
Explorers Publications
Explorers Publications and Films
The Explorers Education Programme has a wide range of publications and films for the classroom including marine themed resource books, planning guides, children’s workbooks, interactive films, posters and presentations. Also, check out our annual engagement & impact report to find out more about Explorers activities promoting ocean literacy and the development of key competencies and skills in the classroom.
Explorers Education Programme. Explorers Lesson Plans.
Explorer Lesson Plans
The Explorer lesson plans and activities aim to integrate marine themes into strands taught in primary schools. The lessons plans are based on the Irish NCCA Primary School Curriculum including Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) which are presented through Science, Geography and History. Additional subjects include Mathematics, Language, Physical Education and Arts Education which are carried out through Visual Arts, Music and Drama.
Explorers Teachers Training
Explorers Teachers Training
The Explorers Education Programme provides a series of continued development training courses including DES approved summer courses, webinars and workshops. The Explorers team also provide a range of marine education webinars, workshops and field trips in collaboration with Education Support Centres as well as third level Institutes, supporting the delivery of STEM, ocean literacy and the Sustainable Development Goals.