The Ocean and Humans are Inextricable Interconnected

Carmel - The Ocean and Humans are Inextricable Interconnected

The ocean has an influence on humans in many ways, from the food we eat and resources we use to the weather and fresh water supply (through the water cycle). The ocean also provides a significant influence on our daily wellbeing, culture and heritage. Carmel shares some amazing ideas for lessons and activities to inspire learning about the ocean through arts and using multi-media textiles.


The aim of the activities is to help the children develop their art skills including drawing, painting and colour, construction as well as using fabric and fibre.  Using marine themes as an inspiration, the children will also be encouraged to think about the environmental care of our ocean and seashore.  




The Shapes of Fish Drawing Project

The Shapes of Fish drawing project can be used to encourage children to develop their

drawing skills. With a focus on drawing fish found in Irish waters, the children will be able to

develop an awareness of line, shape and form. They will also consider the colour, tone, texture of the fish. The children will also learn how to scientifically draw a fish using carbon paper, as well as label the external body features of the fish.



Shapes of Fish around our Irish Coast

The Shapes of Fish around our Irish Coast is a fun booklet compiled by the artist Carmel Madigan. The booklet provides a range of fish found around the Irish coast that can be coloured using the suggested colour palette provided. It's full of information about species found on the shore and in the deep sea and is followed by a fun fishy quiz.

Connecting to the Ocean - Cliffs of Moher Painting and Colour project

The Connecting to the Ocean - Cliffs of Moher Painting and Colour project aims to inspire children to learn about using a colour palette with the changing light in the natural environment.  The activity uses painting, colour and collage to learn how we are inextricably interconnected to the ocean and the seashore.

Environmental Awareness and Care Looking after our Favourite Places

Although visitors to our favourite natural wonders can be beneficial to communities, there are a number of things to consider to help care for our environment. 



‘Lanterns from the Sea’ Art Construction Project

The Lanterns of the Sea’ installation helps raise children’s environmental awareness and care by using recycled materials, such as single use plastics. By constructing an art installation using mixed media the project encourages discussion and forming solutions to reduce and reuse plastics.

Check out the Facts about Plastics for discussion

Check out the Facts about Plastics for discussion sheet has some interesting facts for children to discuss and decorate.

‘Marine Infrastructure’ Construction Project

This activity aims to create a 3D construction of an infrastructure found near the ocean.  It aims to provide children the opportunity to reflects on our inter-connection with the ocean in terms of how we access the ocean, how we move around on the sea with boats and shipping, as well as structures used to protect us while at sea.  The project will also involve studying the constructive and monochromatic art of American sculptor Louise Nevelson (1899-1988).

‘Vessels from the Sea’ Fabric & Fibre

This activity involves creating 'vessels' using fabric and fibres from the sea.  Recycling pre-used materials such as plastic wrap, fishing rope and string (found from the sea), the children will also consider the sustainable usage of the Earth's limited resources and the concept of a 'circular economy' e.g. zero waste.  The children will also look at the impacts of plastics in the ocean and our interconnections with the ocean in terms of the types of vessels we use at sea.