About the Interactive Marine Archive

Welcome! Come take a deep dive with us into the ancient world of Irish Fisheries.

This interactive archive represents a time in Ireland where our seas were teeming with fish shoals, basking sharks and marine organisms. The digitised reports and extracted data contained on these pages, add to the wealth of our marine heritage. They are now publically available and contain information on the pre-exploitation state of Irish fisheries from 1852 to 1987.

These reports could be used to look at how Irish fisheries economics functioned, at fish species in Ireland, or at the creation of models of Ireland's fish populations.

The Scientific Investigation time series (1901-1926) contains papers and journal articles of new scientific discovery. Read about Maude Delap, and her discoveries in closing the life cycle of the jellyfish, or about the deep-sea documentations of Anne Massey.

The Sea and Inland Fisheries Scientific Reports (1852-1987) are a time series consisting of annual reports, which include important baseline fisheries data collected in Ireland from 1852 to 1987. Along with these, three precursor monographs from 1839, 1846 and 1849 are available. The data contained in these reports show what fish were being taken from our seas, where they were landed and their values at market. It also covers any novel information for the years, for example casualties at sea, boat licenses and other exceptional industry news.

The Sea and Inland Fisheries Scientific Reports and the Scientific Investigations, together detail Ireland's fisheries and habitat data. They were digitised under EMFF European Funding: Marine Biodiversity, and are publicly available at http://oar.marine.ie.