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The Marine Institute has invested significant effort in developing a number of online services over the last number of years.

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The Harmful Algal Blooms (HABS) and Survey Planning System (SPS) applications are two key online information services that have been developed for specific sectors of the industry with the support of the Information Society Fund.

Harmful Algal Blooms

Speedy access to information on harmful algal blooms is critical to both fish farmers and to the general public. The Harmful Algal Bloom Information Service allows authorised laboratories around the country to lodge shellfish toxicity test results with the Marine Institute over the web. This data is then be evaluated by the Marine Institute and reports made available over the web to shellfish producers and the general public. This will be in addition to automatic notification by e-mail, fax and SMS.

Research Vessels Survey Planning

The Survey Planning System has been developed for users of the Institute's Research Vessels.
Authorised users of the vessels provide the Institute with information on sailing instructions, logistics and proposed research activities via the web in advance of all surveys. Research vessel operations staff and the crew and technicians of the vessels will use this information to prepare the vessels for use by the survey team.