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Lough Feeagh RaftLough Furnace raft with Marine Institute in the background

Our research station is located in the Burrishoole catchment near Newport in Co Mayo. It is a site for integrated research into freshwater and brackish ecosystems and their interaction with climate and the environment. Our work is facilitated by the local landowners and Coillte.

Find out the current daily/weekly/monthly information from our lakes, rivers, fish traps and weather station onsite.

Video clip from The Spring Blitz project, which is a coordinated effort from researchers around the world to link changes in water stability during the onset of stratification to plankton diversity. The work is a flagship project of GLEON (Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network). Lough Feeagh, situated in the Burrishoole Catchment in North West Mayo, is part of GLEON and this video documents some of the sampling that our staff carried out between April and June 2013. The physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the lake were sampled biweekly as the temperature of the lake increased over spring, and the water column stratified. Measurements included temperature and oxygen profiles, nutrient availability and the biomass and diversity of microbes, phytoplankton and zooplankton. This work is part of the ongoing long term ecological monitoring of the Burrishoole catchment.