Marine Renewable Energy

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Marine Renewable Energy Overview

The Marine Institute provides operational services for the Marine Renewable Energy sector.

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Foreshore Lease Application
The Marine Institute is making an application for a foreshore lease to allow for the upgrade of facilities and infrastructure at the renewable energy test site in Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Ireland's Marine Renewable Energy Portal. Logo.
Ireland’s Marine Renewable Energy Portal
Ireland’s Marine Renewable Energy Portal is an on-line single access point for relevant information and data for the Irish marine renewable energy community. The portal is a ‘signpost’ to marine data, maps and information for renewable energy site assessment, development and management.
Marine Renewable Energy Resource. Photographer Andrew Downes
Marine Renewable Energy Resource
Ireland’s marine renewable energy resources are considered amongst the best in the world. You can find out more information about the wave and tidal resources here.
Wave Energy Test Facilities. Designed by Real Sim
Wave Energy Test Facilities
There are 2 offshore test facilities in Ireland. The ¼ scale wave energy test site in Galway Bay and the full scale Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site off Belmullet, Co. Mayo. The ¼ scale test site will be cabled in 2015.
Marine Renewable Energy Services. Copyright Marine Institute
Marine Renewable Energy Services
Under a joint Agreement with SEAI, the Marine Institute provides a range of marine services to support the development of the emerging Ocean Energy sector; the services include oceanographic monitoring, seabed mapping and data management; as well as technical expertise on new and innovative research projects.