Diving Deep with the Explorers Education Programme with our series of teacher and student workshops

EXPLORERS Education Programme Workshop

Diving Deep with the Explorers Education Programme with our series of teacher and student workshops 
Join the Explorers Education Programme team for some Ocean Exploration, with a series of online workshops. Designed to promote critical thinking, active citizenship, and active learning, this workshop series will provide teachers with the newest Explorers materials and resources. Complete the teacher only online session to gain access to a set of student workshops and resource materials. Suitable for students from 4th-6th class, the themed workshops will be approx. 45 mins long, and will include interactive content and time for Q&A.

Teacher Welcome Session 
Sign up for our online teacher’s event to prepare for your classes Ocean adventure, with background information and content, links to resources and lesson plans, and in class activity ideas.
When: Tuesday 20th February at 7pm online

Workshop 1: Ocean Innovation and Inspiration
Celebrate Engineers Week by exploring how marine life and the ocean can inspire innovation and technology. This 45 mins workshop will look at biomaterials, marine inspired design, and new technology. Students can continue learning afterwards by designing new technology for caring for the ocean.
When: Tuesday 5th March 9.30am Online

Workshop 2: Exploring Irelands Marine Life
Learn about Ireland’s incredible marine life, from the shallow shorelines and rockpools to the deep abyssal plains. From seagrasses, to sea slugs, from starfish to sharks, explore the incredible diversity of life in our ocean and their amazing adaptations. 
When: Tuesday 30th April 9.30am Online

Workshop 3: Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate
In our final workshop to Celebrate World Ocean Day we will look at the connections between people and the Ocean. The inspiring work scientists and communities do, and the actions we can take at home and in school to help create a sustainable ocean, and conserve and protect marine life. 
When: Tuesday 11t June 9.30am Online

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