Explorers - Science Festival Events

Explorers Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore. Photo by Cushla Dromgool-Regan

The Explorers Education Programme is interacting with children around Ireland during Science Week


The Marine Institute Explorers Education Programme are delighted to be sharing the Wild about Wildlife film and interactive activities with science festivals taking place throughout Ireland.


Join the Explorers team as they go on a journey to the rocky seashore – exploring one of the most extreme places on earth where animals live. Find out about the seashells and their friends including some of the tiniest periwinkles to top shells with the coolest spirals, feasting on seaweeds.  Then head to the lower shore to help the team hunt down the carnivorous dog whelk … the shellfish which loves to make limpets into soup.


If you would like to see our Explorers film and events check the Explorers Education Programme out on following science festival websites:

Q & A from families through Wexford Libraries:

School Q &A on the 10th and 11th:

School Q & A on the 11th:

Also don’t forget to check out our Super Seashell Transformer Competition.  For more details see the EXPLORERS COMPETITION PAGE.