Horizon Europe Marine and Maritime Brokerage Event

Horizon Europe Marine and Maritime Brokerage Event The Enterprise Europe Network in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, Invest Northern Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland's National Contract Points (NCPs) invites you to participate in an international partnering event on Horizon Europe's Marine calls.

This free one-day virtual event will be held on Wednesday 28th April 2021. The event will introduce the Marine calls for proposals for the next two years, present insights and expectations from the European Commission whilst offering a unique international networking experience to forge the winning partnerships of the future.

The programme will include presentations from the European Commission and National Contact Points in all areas of the Marine, and will provide a unique opportunity to pitch ideas and expertise in front of leading research organisations and cutting-edge innovators from across industry.

The virtual brokerage event will allow you to extend your international network and create strategic partnerships through scheduled one-to-one meetings. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with National Contact Point experts, and the Enterprise Europe Network.

The event is open to SMEs, larger companies and research organisations based on the Island of Ireland and across Europe.

To register your interest in attending this event, visit https://horizon-europe-marine-brokerage-event.b2match.io/

Why Participate?
• Receive the latest information from the European Commission about Horizon Europe Marine Calls
• Meet with future project partners from across industry and research at our dedicated forum for one-to-one meetings
• Meet an Enterprise Europe Network representative on international partnering opportunities, advisory and innovation support services available to you
Conference Topics:
Horizon Europe Marine and Maritime Programme Topics:
• Biodiversity and ecosystem services
• Enabling sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
• Zero polluted seas and oceans
• Land, oceans and water for climate change
• Resilient, inclusive, healthy and green rural, coastal and urban communities
• Enabling climate neutral, clean, smart, and competitive waterborne transport
• Sustainable waterborne transport (e.g. new fuel types like hydrogen or ammonia.
• Maritime food industry (processing)
• Algae business
• Fishery
• Equipment supplies for fishery
• Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption