InEVal and HYDROfish Consumer and Market Analysis

You are invited to participate in an online survey InEVal and HYDROfish consumer and market analysis and share your views on the long-term planning needed for the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry. The survey is a collaboration between two major research projects (InEVal and HYDROfish which aim to diversify and increase echinoderm food value chains and investigate the potential for alternative feed sources in aquaculture systems.

Dr Alex Wan, Postdoctoral Researcher and Principal Investigator highlights the importance of this survey: 'In a collaboration between the European InEVal project and the HYDROfish research programme, a survey has been developed to gauge the aquaculture and seafood industry on future marine innovations. More importantly, the survey will also engage with consumers and the general public on their acceptance of the use of marine bioactives in farmed fish. The findings will be used to calibrate future research goals and help manage our ocean wealth and create healthier and sustainable seafood for the consumer.'

The survey is available in English, Irish, German and Italian and we encourage you to get involved by clicking on the survey link below:

InEVal, grant-aid agreement no. PBA/BIO/20/04-C is carried out with the support of the Marine Institute and Science Foundation Ireland funded by the Irish Government under the BlueBio ERA-NET Co-fund (H2020 Project number 817992). HYDROfish (2019-2022) ( is funded under the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment with administrative support by Enterprise Ireland.