Marine Acoustic Workshop & Networking Event - 7th February 2018

The Marine Institute, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and SmartBay Ireland hosted a Marine Acoustic Workshop and Networking Event on Wednesday, 7th February 2018 at the Marine Institute Headquarters in Galway.

The Workshop highlighted developments and milestones in Marine Acoustics in Ireland over the last decade and facilitated the interaction and networking of stakeholders including acoustic experts from both academia, industry and government.


1. 'A brief overview of cetacean acoustic monitoring along the west coast of Ireland'
Joanne O'Brien, Marine Biodiversity Research Group, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

2. 'dBsea underwater noise propagation modelling'
Rasmus Sloth Pedersen, Irwin Carr

3. 'Acoustic monitoring in Dublin Bay'
Charlotte O'Kelly, Techworks

4. "Marine acoustics research at UCC – from cetacean monitoring to underwater noise mapping for MSFD"
Gerry Sutton MaREI Centre

5. "Noise ranging - measuring low level underwater noise"
Iain McPhee AV Acoustics

6. "JASCO PortListen – Real-Time full spectrum reporting for Port Authorities"
Robin Burns Jasco Applied Sciences

7. "Streaming Hydrophone Data - observational notes"
Robert Fuller Marine Institute

8. Background Acoustic Array
Paul Gaughan, Marine Institute & Declan Murray P&O Maritime

9. Marine Analytics, IoT and Cloud
Mark Purcell, IBM

10. Data Acquisition & Efficient Data Processing
Sam Hughes, Omiga Technology Ltd

11. Marine Funding Opportunities in Horizon 2020 and H2020 Work Programmes
An Index of Marine-Related Topics (2018-2020)

Fiona Grant, Marine Institute, National Contact Point H2020 Marine Funding