Marine Biodiscovery Science Workshop

Marine Biodiscovery Science Workshop The Marine Institute will host a one day workshop on Tuesday, September 4th to bring together Irish researchers broadly working in the field of Marine Biodiscovery. The aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange, identify potential synergies and research links, and increase awareness of the national expertise, data and other resources. The main aim will be to maximise the potential of Marine Biodiscovery at a national level with a view to contribute to the development of this field of research in a European context. Click here for the agenda.

Background: As recognized by the European Commission through H2020 calls focus on Blue Growth, Marine Bioresources represent an untapped reservoir of biomolecules with applications in diverse sectors like the agri-food, cosmetics but also pharmaceutical. This field of research has a huge growth potential especially in Ireland where marine resources represent a massive biomass and will participate to the development of the bioeconomy center supported recently by the Irish government. From the intertidal zone, where easily accessible macroalgae are available, to the fish and shellfish industry as well as their waste products, until the deep-sea where cnidarians and sponges reign, but also the extreme diversity of marine micro-organisms, the Irish marine biodiversity needs to be inventoried and studied. In the context of the construction of a National Marine Biodiscovery Laboratory in Ireland we would like to show the promise of recent studies from Irish researchers but also benchmark our activities through the invitation of European colleagues working in the development of Marine Biodiscovery.

The MI invites Third-Level and State Sector scientists undertaking research in this topic area to a one-day workshop. Research groups are invited to present an overview of their research activities in the area and overview of specific projects they are engaged in.

Topic areas will include
- Challenges in the taxonomy of marine species
- Waste products from the fish and shellfish industry
- Marine natural product chemistry
- Marine macro and micro-algae for indutsry
- The potential of marine micro-organisms
- Marine toxins
- Invasive species and their applications

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