First EUSA Atlantic Forum Meeting to take place in the Azores

EUSA Azores 2012 logoThe Portuguese Director-General for Maritime Policy, the Portuguese Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea and the EU Director-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE), have announced that the first event of the Atlantic Forum, under the theme "Coastal and Deep Sea Natural Resources", will be held in Portugal, in Faial Island – Azores. The event will be held on Friday 21st of September of 2012.

Interested participants can access further information on the Atlantic Forum, the Azores Meeting, as well as information on the subsequent Atlantic Fora meetings (Brest: October 2012; Bilbao: November 2012; Cardiff: February 2013; Galway: March 2013) at:…).

The aim of the Atlantic Forum is to ensure awareness of the EU Strategy for the Atlantic (EUSA) and EU funding processes and to provide stakeholders with a platform to input to the EUSA Action Plan (2014-2020) which will guide the implementation of the EUSA.

The EU Strategy for the Atlantic (2011) identifies a number of areas where there is scope for EU-level action to support the coastal and maritime economies of the Member States along the Atlantic seaboard. The momentum of the Atlantic Strategy towards "Blue Growth", enhancing growth and jobs, will come through the development of marine renewable energies, new visions for aquaculture production, innovative scientific research, promotion of maritime culture and leisure in the Atlantic, including cruising and nautical sports, seabed mining and associated technologies, biotechnologies and greener shipping and an increase in short-sea shipping.

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