Get Greener Team with Peter Heffernan, CEO and John Killeen, Board Chairperson. Photo Cushla DromgoolRegan The Marine Institute's Get Greener team recently (30 January 2018) welcomed OPW's Optimising Power @ Work and SEAI to its headquarters in Galway, to help raise awareness amongst the staff about creating a more sustainable working environment and how to save energy at home.

The Marine Institute participated in the SEAI Engaging People Programme in 2016. Since then the support from both the SEAI and OPW's Optimising Power @ Work have assisted the Get Greener Team to initiate energy reduction programmes throughout the organisation.

"Following the establishment of an Energy Strategy & Action Plan 2016-2020, which was endorsed by our Board and CEO, we are delighted to see the Institute has made just over 14 percent savings in our overall energy consumption, in the last 18 months." explained Ms Toni Hollowell, facilities manager at the Marine Institute.

The Institute's Energy Strategy has involved engagement with staff, updating changes in technology such as using LED lighting, installing timers on equipment, as well as making small behavioural changes such as staff switching off monitors, PC's and laptops.

"With over 200 staff in the Marine Institute it makes sense for us all to contribute to the major drive to create energy savings both at work and at home. This year the Institute plans to make some significant savings by retrofitting plant within our laboratories. The projected savings for this is equivalent to the energy used to run 184 three-bed homes," Ms Hollowell added.

All public sector bodies are required to meet a 33% reduction in energy consumption by 2020, from 2009, in line with Ireland's third National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.