Job Application Tips

Here are some general tips to give a you a brief outline of the areas you should consider and research when you're applying for a job. There is a vast collection of resources both online and on paper that will help you to expand your knowledge in this area. Sample CVs and cover letters are readily available.

Cover Letter

Your CV should be accompanied by a cover letter that reflects your strengths and the specific job that you are applying for:

It should state why you are applying for the post, briefly outline your skills and experience that match the job description and areas that the company are looking for. It should identify that you are suitable for the position.

Curriculum Vitae

An impactful CV should reflect your strengths and the job you are applying for:

Visual impact: first impressions are vital

  • Your CV must be clear, concise, contain relevant information, and be easy to read.
  • You should tailor your CV to suit the job you are applying for and the company you are applying to.
  • Have someone proof read your CV before sending it to prospective employers.

Content and expression: what content should be included?

  • Your tailored CV should include all of your skills and experience, structured to reflect the requirements of the employer in the job description.
  • Do not leave gaps – explain any periods of unemployment e.g. Career breaks, travelling, etc.

Attending an interview

 Pre-interview preparation

“You can never be too prepared for an Interview”

  • Research as much as you can, both about the company and the job itself.
  • Prepare examples of how your previous experience shows that you meet the requirements that are laid out in the job description. Experience can be drawn from many areas such as part time work, volunteering or education.
  • Know your own CV to be able to explain or expand on any details on it if asked in the interview.
  • Practice your interview technique; think of the questions you are likely to be asked and your answer to them as well as any questions you might like to ask them.
  • Bring a copy of your CV with you.

Interview styles

There are a variety of different interview styles and techniques applied to assess suitability for a role or company. Examples of these include; interview panels that are behavioural or competency based; assessment Centres; psychometric testing. You should be aware of the format to be used in advance of attending.