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Immerse yourself in oceans of learning with downloadable resources, videos and interactive activities that explore Ireland’s marine resource and the work of scientists at the Marine Institute. To find out more, dive deep into the resources available below.

Sea To Me Competition image
Sea To Me Competition
As part of Our Oceans of Learning series, share what the sea means to you on social media for the chance to win fantastic, ocean inspired prizes every week.
A Changing Ocean Climate  image
A Changing Ocean Climate
Our ocean and climate are inextricably linked - the ocean plays a crucial role in the global climate system in a number of ways.
Art of the Ocean image
Art of the Ocean
For centuries, the ocean has inspired writers, artists, filmmakers and photographers.
Port of the Future image
Port of the Future
Ireland is dependent on ports and shipping services to transport goods and 90% of our trade is moved though Irish ports.
Coastal Communities image
Coastal Communities
In Ireland, 1.9 million people live within 5km of the coast and many communities along our coast depend on industries such as tourism, fishing and aquaculture.
Marine Biodiversity image
Marine Biodiversity
Dive below the ocean surface and discover what lies beneath. From sandy shores to the deep sea, the ocean is home to a wide range of species.
Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean image
Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean
Navigate the innovative technologies and infrastructure used by the Marine Institute and partners to better monitor, understand, protect, preserve and harness our oceans and seas.
Food from our Ocean image
Food from our Ocean
Explore the science behind our seafood with resources on our fish species, assessing fish stocks, phytoplankton and the work undertaken at the Marine Institute’s Newport Research Facility.
European Maritime Day image
European Maritime Day
On European Maritime Day, celebrate our seas, our world’s shared ocean and our connection to the sea.
SmartBay Observatory Image
SmartBay Observatory
Dive below the ocean surface and discover what lies beneath with the SmartBay Observatory, Ireland’s only underwater observatory.
Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network Image
Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network
Find out how the Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network provides crucial data to improve weather forecasts and safety at sea.
Marine Research Vessels Image
Marine Research Vessels
Discover more about Ireland’s two marine research vessels, the RV Celtic Explorer and the RV Celtic Voyager.