Explorers Solution to Ocean Pollution

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The Explorers solution to ocean pollution resources include fun lessons, project activities and links to presentations and posters. We have selected a few of our favourite resources to help get you started.

Teacher Guide Tab


Teachers Planning Guide Environment
Explorers Planning Guide for Primary School Teachers - Marine Projects: Environmental Awareness and Care

This booklet provides teachers with an outline to develop projects about caring for the ocean. It is packed with ideas and links to lesson plans for all age groups.


Presentations & Poster


Explorers Caring for our Ocean Action Board Poster
Explorers Caring for our Ocean Action Board Poster

This poster action board is available in English and Irish. This is a great interactive class poster to help children develop their key competencies and skills – centred around caring for the marine environment with lots of fun actions to become active citizens.

Explorers Caring for our Ocean Action Board Poster
Explorers What is Degradation Presentation

This presentation can be used to explain degradation of materials, marine pollution and micro plastics. It includes a fun activity of guessing how long items take to degrade – did you know that a plastic bag can take up to 100 years to degrade!


Lesson Plans & Creative Activities


Creative Solutions to Ocean Pollution
Creative Solutions to Ocean Pollution

The following art activities focus on creativity and construction to highlight messages about ocean pollution. These activities can reuse discarded materials from home, in the classroom, or better yet – from the seashore.


  • Check out the Facts about Plastics for discussion.
  • The discussion sheet has some interesting facts for children to discuss and decorate.

  • Lanterns from the Sea’ Art Construction Project
  • The Lanterns of the Sea’ installation helps raise children’s environmental awareness and care by using recycled materials, such as single use plastics. By constructing an art installation using mixed media the project encourages discussion and forming solutions to reduce and reuse plastics.

  • Marine Infrastructure’ Construction Project
  • This activity aims to create a 3D construction of an infrastructure found near the ocean. It aims to provide children the opportunity to reflects on our inter-connection with the ocean in terms of how we access the ocean, how we move around on the sea with boats and shipping, as well as structures used to protect us while at sea. The project will also involve studying the constructive and monochromatic art of American sculptor Louise Nevelson (1899-1988).

  • Vessels from the Sea’ Fabric & Fibre
  • This activity involves creating 'vessels' using fabric and fibres from the sea. Recycling pre-used materials such as plastic wrap, fishing rope and string (found from the sea), the children will also consider the sustainable usage of the Earth's limited resources and the concept of a 'circular economy' e.g. zero waste. The children will also look at the impacts of plastics in the ocean and our interconnections with the ocean in terms of the types of vessels we use at sea.

    The Circular Revolution - Towards Zero Children’s Art Exhibition
    The Circular Revolution - Towards Zero Children’s Art Exhibition

    Check out the highlights from the children’s art exhibition that was completed by twelve schools in Co Clare. The project was led by artist and Explorers Education officer Carmel T. Madigan from Loophead Summer Hedge School, where the children considered how to reuse discarded materials from their local beaches in creative ways – so as to generate zero-waste.