Locating a maritime enterprise in Ireland

As a country, Ireland continues to maintain its reputation as a pro-business environment that has attracted investment from some of the world's largest companies over the past three decades.

The IMDO is the Irish government agency which provides support to maritime businesses to help you grow and develop in the Irish market. It is the aim of the IMDO to be the focal point for maritime commerce in Ireland, to act as a one stop shop for all your business needs and to help you take advantage of the competitive corporate initiatives which Ireland has to offer.

Irish Tonnage Tax Regime

The Irish tonnage tax regime is based on the tonnage of the vessel, which coupled with a 12.5% corporate tax rate on fixed profits, means a low effective tax rate. Ireland is a politically stable, English speaking Eurozone member state, our beneficial tonnage tax regime is yet another reason to establish a maritime operation in the Irish market.

The IMDO offers a wide ranging consultative service, providing a bespoke solution to meet your company's needs and to ease your transition in entering the market. Our services include:

Access to free and impartial advice

  • Matching your requirements to local professional services firms
  • Planning and organisation of country visit programmes
  • Up to date maritime economic research and analysis
  • Introduction to key contacts in the Irish market
  • If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available in the Irish market for your company, please contact Rebecca Wardell, Business Development Manager on 00353 1 476 6500 or email business@imdo.ie

Vist our IMDO website for more information on the number of incentives available to companies interesting in establishing a presence within the Irish maritime services sector.