Maritime Education

Maritime Careers

Working in the maritime sector is an ever changing, exciting and challenging opportunity for a person who wants to forge a long lasting career path on an international scale.  As part of the Irish Maritime’s Development Office’s education outreach, we have produced two websites that offers concise information sections for students, seafarers & maritime executives. 

Maritime Careers  is part of the Irish Maritime’s Development Office’s initiative to provide information on educational & training opportunities for the Irish Maritime sector. The IMDO have helped publicise executive training opportunities for Irish Shipping Executives to build on their practical experience and enhance their knowledge and skills base.

Maritime Careers  is continually being up-dated with relevant information for our target audiences and is considered to be the main provider for Irish Maritime education information.

Visit our Maritime Careers website.

Follow the Fleet Logo. Follow the Fleet

The Follow the Fleet education programme brings the world of maritime adventure into the classroom.

Follow the fleet is an online teaching resource that could be easily adapted into the SESE education curriculum for school children between the ages of 7 to 12.

All elements of the Follow the Fleet programme are available online. The Programme  uses a unique satellite tracker system, six easy to follow lesson plans, downloadable teaching plans and regular reports from the captains and crews of real, internationally trading vessels. The reports provide schoolchildren with a real insight into the day-to-day life at sea and the programme aim is to bring the world of maritime adventure into the classroom.

Visit Follow the Fleet to find out more about life at sea and how the maritime industry affects day to day life for children in Ireland.