Interactive Maps

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Interactive Maps Overview

An interactive map is a web based map that has clickable points. When clicked, these points show an informational box that has text about the point, pictures, videos as well as links to external sites.

Ireland's Marine Atlas
Ireland’s Marine Atlas
Ireland's Marine Atlas viewer is funded by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and operated by the Marine Institute. The atlas has been developed as part of Ireland's reporting for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive on the condition of the ocean. The Atlas include marine data such as Administrative boundaries, Protected sites, Oil and Gas, Ocean features, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Marine Monitoring, Seabed habitats, Tourism and leisure, Transport, Infrastructure, Discharge point sources, IMO protected areas and Current/Historical dump sites.
Shellfish Safety Data
Shellfish Safety Data
Latest shellfish safety data for harvesting and production maps are based on defined production areas and results analysed by the Marine Institute. The HABs report system is used to monitor the status of shellfish and finfish harvesting in terms of food safety regulations and the monitoring of naturally occurring "red tides" known as harmful algal blooms.
Seabed Viewer. Designed by iD3
Seabed Viewer
The seabed viewer is an interactive map that provides view and download access to seabed survey related data products. The INFOMAR seabed mapping project includes data collection such as bathymetry, backscatter, grab samples, shaded relief, sound velocity profile, sediment samples and seabed habitat classification.
Fisheries Resource Maps. Designed by iD3
Fisheries Resource Maps
View and download sea fisheries species data of the Irish Groundfish Survey and Biological Sampling Survey.