Data Policy

The MI Data Policy seeks to promote access to its data archives, subject to conditions under which data has been collected. In this context, we are working to make as much data available online as possible.

Information on the data we hold is available from Marine Data Online.

Where data has not yet been made available online, you can submit a request using the Data Request Page. We will generally ask you to sign a license agreement describing the use to which data will be put.

- Most data is available free of charge. Where significant effort is required to prepare data in response to specific requests, charges may be levied based on the amount of effort involved and the purpose to which the data will be put. Details are available in the Marine Institute Data Policy document.

Data Management Quality Management Framework

In February 2019, the Marine Institute received the international accreditation of its Data Management Quality Management Framework (DM-QMF) by the (UNESCO) International Oceanographic Commissions (IODE) International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange programme. The overall aim of the DM-QMF is to support continual improvement of the quality of the data, products and services delivered by the Marine Institute through assuring the quality of the processes and procedures used in the generation of data and products.