Ionad Sonraí Na Farraige

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The Marine Institute Act 1991 sets out among others the function of the Institute is to collect, maintain and disseminate information relating to marine matters. The National Marine Data Centre consists of hosted online data services including descriptive metadata to find data, maps and graphs to view data; and services to download data. The Digital Ocean concept acts as the one-stop-shop to all data related to marine matters including all the activities, programmes and services provided by the data centre.

Ireland's Digital Ocean
Ireland's Digital Ocean. Designed by iD3.
Ireland's Integrated Digital Ocean is a platform providing access to a diverse range of services including online maps, data dashboards, data access, data search and publications.
Real Time Observations
Real Time Observations. Designed by Frank O'Reilly.
In order to make information available to users to help them make decisions around their marine activities, data collected by offshore buoys, tide gauges and vessels are often shared in real-time.
Marine Forecasts
Marine Forecasts. Imagery Copyright GeoBasis DEBKG Copyright 2009. Google Maps Copyright 2014 Google
Forecast models have been used in weather forecasting for decades. In recent years, oceanographers have used mathematical models of the ocean to produce similar forecast conditions for the ocean.


Access Data. Designed by iD3
Access Data
Search for, discover, view and download data through our online data discovery services.


Interactive Maps. Designed by iD3
Interactive Maps
An interactive map is an online map that has clickable point access to locational information. When clicked, these point locations show an informational box that has text about the point, pictures, videos as well as links to external sites. Users can, in addition, zoom, pan, query and turn on-off layers on maps as to their choosing.