Education and Outreach

Main Image. Education and Outreach. Credit Clare Keogh.

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth calls for a strengthening of our maritime identity, increased awareness of the value, opportunities and societal benefit of our oceans, as well as improving engagement with the ocean. Through our Explorers Education Programme and outreach events such as SeaFest, the Marine Institute aims to inspire a new generation of ocean champions and inform society on the value of Ireland’s marine resource, the importance of our ocean and the work of the Marine Institute. To find out more, dive deep into the oceans of learning resources available below.

Oceans of Learning Image
Oceans of Learning
Learn more about our ocean through a range of topics that explore Ireland’s marine resource and the work of scientists at the Marine Institute. Take a look at our downloadable resources, videos and interactive activities.
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Explorers Education Programme
The Explorers Education Programme aims to inspire school teachers and their students in developing their interest, knowledge and engagement in our ocean. Supported by the Marine Institute and funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government, the programme provides cross curricular lesson plans, resources and activities that support the national curriculum. The Programme also provides teachers training and CPD courses approved by the Department of Education and outreach experts visit schools around the coast of Ireland.
Exploring our Marine Image.
Exploring Our Marine
No matter how far you live from the shore, the ocean affects all of our lives. Exploring Our Marine graphics cover a range of topics including the RV Celtic Explorer, our ocean economy and our changing climate. These graphics are available to download for free.
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Our People
The Marine Institute celebrates the diversity of its people. In these video animations and Q&A profiles, our people share their study and career paths, the work they do at the Marine Institute and the important contribution their work delivers.
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Marine Facts
Did you know that an octopus can change the colour of its body? Did you know that volcanic activity occurs under the sea? From shipping and seafood to sharks and shipwrecks, discover more about our oceans through this colourful series of marine facts.
SeaFest is Ireland’s largest and most spectacular maritime festival, offering a weekend of fun, free, events and activities for all ages. SeaFest creates awareness of our maritime heritage and celebrates the many ways that our seas and oceans enrich our lives.
Our Ocean Wealth
Our Ocean Wealth
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth is an Integrated Marine Plan, setting out a roadmap for the Government’s vision, high-level goals and actions across policy, governance and business to enable Ireland’s marine potential to be realised.
The Wild Atlantic – Sea Science exhibition Image.
The Wild Atlantic – Sea Science exhibition
Dive deep into the ocean at The Wild Atlantic – Sea Science exhibition and learn about the wonders of our marine world. This interactive and fun exhibition is open to the public at the Galway City Museum.
Video Resources Image.
Video Resources
The Marine Institute has developed and supported film and media productions to showcase Ireland’s marine life and the value of our ocean. From documentaries to animations, view the array of video resources on offer.
Odes to Our Ocean Image.
Odes to Our Ocean
For centuries, the sea has had a powerful presence in poetry. Both wild and calm, dangerous and beautiful, the sea has always captured people's imagination our hearts and minds with its magic and mystery. View our collection of poems and quotes inspired by the sea.
Arial/Sparks Image.
Artists, writers and composers from Ireland and Europe have joined expeditions on the Marine Institute’s research vessel the RV Celtic Explorer as part of Aerial/Sparks, a Galway 2020 project.