Ocean Forecasts

The ROMS hydrodynamic model (Regional Ocean Modeling System) is run for a domain that covers the Irish waters in the northeast Atlantic. The model has a mean horizontal resolution of 1.9 km and 40 terrain-following vertical layers. The system produces a best estimate of the ocean state once a week and also a daily 3-day forecast. The parameters modeled are ocean temperature and salinity, sea level, and ocean currents.  Two models with a horizontal resolution of 200 - 250m are nested within the larger model to give 3 day forecasts of ocean state for the greater Galway Bay area (Connemara model) and the southwest of Ireland (Bantry Bay model).

Model data is freely available via our THREDDS and ERDDAP server.  Surface currents are also provided in 1-hourly frequency in GRIB format via ftp.  Please contact Ocean.Modelling@marine.ie for access details.

The ocean forecasts are generated on a "best endeavours" basis and should not be used for safety critical applications.