Talk on environmental change in the Burrishoole Catchment

Dr Elvira DeEyto. Photo credit Wonkyeye PhotographyDr Elvira de Eyto of the Marine Institute will be presenting a talk on 'Tracking environmental change in the lakes and rivers of the Burrishoole catchment' as part of the Westport Civic Trust Lecture Series. The talk will be held at 8pm on Tuesday 17 September at the Westport Coast Hotel.

How is our environment changing? What are the impacts of humans on our freshwater habitats? Are our attempts at managing our impact on the environment working? These are some of the questions that can best be answered using data collected over very long time-scales: decades, centuries and millennia.

From the salmon returning each year to spawn, to the tiny plants and animals living in the streams draining the Nephins, continuous observation and recording allow us to measure how the environment is changing and what we can do to manage these habitats better.

In this talk, Dr de Eyto will describe the work carried out at the Marine Institute's Newport Research Facility in the Burrishoole catchment, resulting in many long-term datasets describing the environmental quality of Lough Feeagh and its rivers.

She will talk about what the data tells us about our surrounding environment and how these data, collected on the west coast of Ireland, and is being used across the world to answer questions of global importance.

Admission is free for members of the Civic Trust and €5.00 for non-members. For more information visit