Commission invites public input to development of a European Strategy for the Atlantic

Atlantic RegionThe European Commission invites on-line public input to explore how the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP: 2007) could be implemented in the European Atlantic Area.
In the context of the IMP-2007, the Commission is developing strategic approaches to Regional Sea Basins where there is a demand and a perspective of clear value added. Regional (Sea Basin) Strategies have been completed for the Baltic Sea, the Arctic, the Mediterranean and are at a planning stage for the North Sea. 
The Commission now invites interested parties in the Atlantic region (see Map) to input to the development of an Atlantic Strategy. Such a Strategy would define common priorities; improve regional governance; identify opportunities for smart economic growth and for clustering, synergies and economics of scale. A Regional Strategy would also better focus future European Funding Programmes (e.g. Structural, Regional, Research, Innovation & Competitiveness, etc).
Target Groups: Member States, regional and local authorities, inter-governmental and non-governmental bodies, public organizations, enterprises, civil society and the general public
Contributions may be submitted by using an online questionnaire.
For further information and access to the on-line consultation process, see:
Closing date: 15 October 2010