The first Environmetrics Forum for data experts in Ireland

The first Environmetrics Forum for data experts in IrelandExperts from across Ireland involved in the analysis of environmental data are invited to participate in the first Irish Environmetrics Forum from 25th to 26th April at the Marine Institute, Oranmore.

The Environmetrics Forum aims to promote the in-depth discussion of data analysis in conservation, natural resource management and environmental science, facilitate the best practice application of data analysis methods, as well as promote collaboration between government, academia and industry.

Environmental data is important in helping us understanding our environment and ecosystems. It can be challenging for data analysts to identify the best approach to analyse complex environmental data, as the amount of data and the type of data that can be collected is always increasing. Also, there are currently a wealth of data analysis methods available, and new methods are continually being developed.

The first meeting will be an opportunity for experts to network and receive feedback about their research projects. The programme will include a series of short poster presentations on environmental statistics and modelling, and a practical workshop on the analytical tool, Template Model Builder.

Participants are also invited to present their research to a small group, and receive feedback about the research methods used in the project.

Participants are encouraged to submit their poster or presentation by 1st March, and register their attendance by 1st April, via the online registration form at

For more information about the Irish Environmetrics Forum visit the website or email