IMDO talks tonnage tax to the Irish Maritime Law Association

Rebecca Wardell, Business Development Manager with the IMDO


Rebecca Wardell, Business Development Manager with the Irish Maritime Development Office addressed members of the Irish Maritime Law Association at their Spring Lecture February 5th, in a talk titled, 'Understanding the Irish tonnage tax regime'.

Ms Wardell, who joined the Irish Maritime Development Office last year, spoke about the origins of Tonnage Tax regimes in Europe, the legislative base in Ireland and outlined the benefits of the regime for international companies. In particular she focussed on the strengths of the Irish market for international companies.

"Ireland has a great story to tell," explained Ms Wardell reaching out to the legal community to share that story through international offices, partners and clients.

She said, "Ireland has a tremendous track record for success in foreign direct investment and it's time we translated some of that success into the Maritime Sector".

"According to research by independent experts, PwC, Ireland has one of the best Tonnage Tax systems internationally. When we consider the 165,400 jobs supported by the Maritime Sector in London, there is huge potential for Ireland if we could emulate even a small portion of that success"

The Irish Maritime Law Association, established in 1963, is the representative body for the Maritime legal community in Ireland. It has nearly 100 members including barristers, judges, solicitors and shipping companies. It is the Irish branch of the international legal organisation Comité Maritime International.

The Spring Lecture was sponsored by solicitors Dillon Eustace and held in their offices on Sir John Rogerson's Quay.

The Irish Maritime Development Office is Ireland's national dedicated development, promotional and marketing agency for the shipping services sector and is part of the Marine Institute.