Invitation to Tender for the Supply of a Commercial Vessel for a Boarfish Survey ITT-15-022

Fisheries Overview - Photographer Thomas SzumskiThe Marine Institute, a semi State body, wishes to invite tenders for the supply of a commercial fishing vessel to conduct a Boarfish acoustic survey in ICES divisions VIIb, c, g, h, j & k (west of Ireland, Celtic Sea and northern Biscay). The survey will be funded by a cost sharing agreement between the Marine Institute and the Killybegs Fisherman's Organisation (KFO). The successful applicant will be selected based on the evaluation criteria attached here.

Invitation to tender

A requirement exists for the charter of a commercial fishing vessel for a period of 21days charter to survey spawning aggregations of boarfish ICES division VII using hydro-acoustic techniques.

Vessels are invited to tender on the basis of their ability to undertake the survey schedule as outlined in Appendix 2. This comprises of following a pre-determined cruise track in the order of 3,200 nmi (nautical miles) carried out over 21 days with 20 hr operations (04:00-00:00) and with directed trawl stations on fish schools of interest as and when required.

A single pelagic midwater trawl with a vertical opening of greater than 40m and contain a 20 mm codend liner and/or sprat brailer will be a requirement for the survey. A liner can be provided if required but all other associated fishing equipment will be provided by the vessel.

The survey will be timed to coincide with the southerly end point of the RV Celtic Explorer on the 10th of July 2015 and this survey will act as a continuation. It is therefore essential that the charter vessel is out on the water and ready to begin surveying no later than 00:00 hrs on the 9th July 2015.

Detailed information of the track and survey plan will be provided by the Marine Institute. The successful applicant will be selected based on technical suitability, cost of charter, pelagic fishing track record and previous experience in scientific research and surveys.

ITT-15-022 (Link to PDF of the Tender)

Closing Date for Tender Responses

All tenders must:
Be submitted using the on-line TENDER POSTBOX. This is an online submission facility which allows awarding authorities to receive tenders responses from suppliers)
For further information please refer to Appendix 1
• Be received prior to 12 NOON ON FRIDAY 29 MAY 2015.
• Be send electronically to email address
• Be sent via registered post or hand delivered, to the address below.
• Include three hard copies and one electronic copy provided on CD or USB Key.

Please note that non conformance with these requirements will result in disqualification.

All tenders should be addressed to:

Boarfish Survey Tender

Ref: ITT-15-022
Marine Institute
Co. Galway